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Why Should You Train Well?

After requesting Merrill Lynch executives stand, Dr. J sits groups that run, walk, swim, bike or engage in another fitness activity. After reminding those still standing that only 20% of Americans exercise, Dr. J emphasizes the need to begin a fitness program. Let TW five star coaches/speakers teach you to Train Well through:

Starting at age 30, humans lose 1% of organ function each year. Poor choices regarding fitness, nutrition, drugs and supplements accelerates organ dysfunction. Smart choices achieve peak performance and slow loss of function. Would you take a pill that lowers blood pressure, increases bone/muscle strength, reduces weight/depression and leaves you euphoric? Exercise provides these benefits and more.

Past: Hippocrates (2500 years ago): “Let food by thy medicine.” “Walking is man’s best medicine.”

Present: Food is causing obesity and illness. Walking is man’s best medicine.

Future: Let exercise by thy medicine. Doctorless patients will travel in driverless cars.

More than 120 drug trials for Alzheimer’s have failed. By increasing brain blood flow and growth factors (BDNF), exercise grows new nerves involved with learning and memory. Although studies show that exercise is better than pills, does not cause dangerous side effects and has never been withdrawn from the market, Americans desire to eat 30%, drink 10%, sleep 10% and exercise only 3% of the time.

Do good things for your organs: exercise.
Do good things with your organs: be an organ donor.