Why should you Train Well?

Starting at age 30, we lose 1% of our organ function each year. Making poor choices regarding fitness, nutrition, drugs and supplements accelerates organ dysfunction. For peak performance of our organs, we need to make smart choices.

For those seeking to increase their lifespan (years lived) and their healthspan (years of good health), exercise and skipping a meal will achieve both. If you are not active, your future includes illness, disability, depression and/or fatigue. Exercise reduces heart attacks, strokes and diabetes better than medicines.

Without exercise muscles and liver accumulate fat. Contracting muscles send messages to improve the function of organs, fat, bones, brain and immune system. Only weight bearing exercise improves bone strength. Calcium in pills causes kidney stones and calcification in tissues. Since exercise improves so many bodily functions, pills will never replace its benefits.

Dr. Jeff has a personal and selfish reason for addressing our poor choices. “If I can motivate even a few to improve their health, it makes my day job easier.” Less than 5% of adults, less than 9% of teenagers and less than 50% of children exercise. Less than 3% follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. To the 1.5 billion obese people on this planet, let’s get started.

Longevity is 20% inherited and 80% environmental up to age 85. Train Well (especially walking) to reach 85. Walking speed is the best predictor of mortality. Genes determine longevity after 85.