As the Medical Director of the San Francisco Marathon (SFM), Jeff Shapiro, MD, was pushed by race organizers to be a featured speaker. For the next 20 years, Dr. Jeff has motivated and entertained audiences lecturing on running, walking, nutrition, drugs, supplements and aging.

While filming runners with Jack Nelligan, MD, Chief of the Joint Replacement Center in Redwood City, CA, Jeff discovered normal motions of locomotion causing damage to joints and muscles. With more than one million Americans undergoing joint replacements yearly, Jeff founded Train Well to reduce joint and muscle damage during running and walking.

After winning athletic and academic awards at Stanford and Yale, Dr. Jeff lectures and coaches those seeking peak wellness emphasizing the differences between marketing and science when considering fitness, nutrition, drugs and supplements. Through private consultations and/or house calls, Dr. Jeff examines fitness, weight control, pill reduction and family dynamics causing unhappiness (which releases bad chemicals in the body). In the approaching age of doctorless patients, let Dr. Jeff be your guide to monitoring your vital signs, conducting your physical exam and performing your blood tests on your phone.