Jeff Shapiro

Jeff Shapiro, MD
As a keynote, corporate and athletic speaker for 20 years, Jeff Shapiro, MD, has motivated audiences to improve their health through science. In his Train Well lectures, Dr. Jeff discusses fitness, nutrition, drugs, supplements, happiness, aging and surgery.

After winning athletic and academic awards at Yale and Stanford, Dr. Jeff has coached those seeking peak wellness, appeared on ABC News 20/20 and served as a consultant for CBS News 60 Minutes and The Late Show with David Letterman.

While filming runners and walkers, Jeff discovered normal motions of locomotion causing damage to joints and muscles. With more than one million Americans undergoing joint replacements yearly, Jeff founded Train Well to reduce joint and muscle damage during running and walking.

With no sponsors or products to promote, Dr. Jeff tells the truth regarding marketing versus science. “If I can convince a single person to make a healthier choice, it makes my day job (in the operating room) easier.”

In the approaching age of doctorless patients, Dr. Jeff provides private consultations to improve fitness, improve weight control and reduce medications and will be your guide to monitoring vital signs, conducting a physical exam and performing blood tests on your phone. Since being joyful releases good chemicals in the body, Dr. Jeff has resurrected the House Call to evaluate causes of unhappiness (releases bad chemicals) within your family and home environment.

Tammie Webb
As President of Tammie Webb Events & Catering since 2005, Tammie has produced amazing events, provided full catering services and lectured on the benefits of healthy cooking. Tammie shares her secretes at camp workshops.